Woven Woods

Woven Woods

Woven Wood Shades

Woven woods are Roman shades crafted from beautifully textured natural materials.

Woven from woods, grasses, reeds and cotton yarn, these shades have evolved from classic bamboo porch blinds to sophisticated window covering that complement formal interiors as well as casual ones.

Woven Woods are Roman Shades

Woven Wood Shade Features

Available in a range of Roman shade styles, woven woods are offered with several lining options, including a dual system with unattached liner that can be operated separately from the blind itself.

This feature allows outside views through sheer fabrics with the liner raised, filtered light on bright days and privacy at night

  • Lining options for control of UV, light and heat, including light-filtering and blackout fabrics
  • Add visual interest to any room
  • Resistant to attracting dust and soil
  • Easy cleaning with vacuum brush attachment

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