MIT Replacing Their Windows

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Famous Buildings in Boston Are Replacing Their Windows

Is It Time for You to Do the Same?

In May 2016, MIT announced the completion of one stage of a major renovation project. The university replaced the original windows of Building 2 of the Main Group, which were 100 years old.

While the soaring windows in the neoclassical buildings lent an impressive air to the structures, they were not energy efficient. The team in charge of restoring the buildings spent roughly a decade planning the project.

The restoration team ultimately decided upon a double-paned window manufactured by a Japanese company. These windows fit the Main Group’s existing frames. In addition, they promise decades of durability and insulate better than the current selection of double-paned windows on the market.

Even if your home’s windows aren’t as old as those in the Main Group buildings, it might be time to consider replacing them. Read on to learn what signs to look for.

Windows Decay

Boston’s wet, snowy winters can cause wooden window frames to decay due to dampness. If the dampness eats away at the frame, it will rot.

Another sign of decay is condensation building up between the window’s layers of glass. A warranty might cover repairs due to decay, but if it doesn’t, it’s time for new windows.

How Hard Is It to Open and Close Your Windows?

If you find yourself struggling to open or close your windows, it’s time to replace them.

Older windows have a mechanism known as a balance. The balance keeps the window open, and you can find it on single hung and double hung windows. Over time, balances can wear out. Wooden and metal windows that haven’t been properly painted can have the same problem. At a certain point, the window might not even stay open. That’s when you’ll need new ones.

Do You Feel a Draft?

The purpose of windows is to keep the air outside of your home and to help maintain a desirable temperature. When windows age, they can’t do their job properly any longer.

Over time, window frames can warp. That causes air to enter your home, making it difficult to heat or cool it properly. Applying weather stripping temporarily seals the window frame. However, you’ll have to continually reapply the stripping. Ultimately, you’ll need replacement windows.

Poorly Installed Windows

You expect that if you pay someone to install something in your home, the installer will perform quality work. Sadly, that isn’t always the case.

The installer needs to anchor, seal, and insulate the window properly. If he or she doesn’t do that, the window won’t protect the home as it should.

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