DIY Window Treatment Ideas for Every Room in Your House

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DIY Window Treatment Ideas for Every Room in Your House

The way we decorate our windows can have a profound effect on the atmosphere of a room. They offer choices of material, pattern, color and texture for decoration, control privacy and the amount and kind of light allowed in from the outside. Some even offer high-tech features such as solar material, which allows you to limit the heat gain in the room and protect people within from UV rays.

You can begin with a decorating theme that will guide your choices in material, texture, and style, or if you find a particular window treatment that you like, you could build the rest of your decorating scheme around that! Also keep in mind the amount of light you would like to allow into the room and how much control you want over that amount. Privacy is another concern – different types of window treatments offer different degrees of transparency to protect the room from being seen outside.

Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

The kitchen is often the center of the home, where the family meets for meals, to do homework, to cook and gather for many other activities.

  • If you have a window over the cooking area, any treatment installed there should be easily cleaned or laundered to remove any spatter or smoke from the stove. Vinyl shades and curtains in easy to wash materials are the best choice for this area.
  • Most people enjoy a well-lit kitchen. Roller shades in sheer or semi sheer can provide plenty of light while still adding a touch of style to the room.
  • Popular styles of kitchen window treatments include traditional and contemporary draperies, curtains, valences, and sheer or lace panel curtains.
  • A current popular trend in kitchen window décor is a simple valence or upholstered cornice with no other covering for a minimal look.

Bedroom Window Treatment Ideas

The bedroom is where we need the most peace and quiet for rejuvenating relaxation and sleep. This is the area where control of the amount of light and privacy are the prevalent concerns when choosing window treatments, in addition to appearance and design.

  • Curtains are a traditional choice for bedrooms that still prove among the most popular. Almost any pattern, color or material can be used for curtains, and they are available in a number of styles to suit any décor, including panels, drapes, and more.
  • Blackout curtains are a specific subset of decorative curtains that are created to let the least possible light into a room — perfect for those who need to sleep during the day. There are charming children’s styles with tiny cutouts in the shape of stars or animals that allow delightful patterns of moonlight or sunlight in through the curtains. Heavy blackout curtains are also helpful in blocking out sound.
  • Curtains with a thermal liner can help not only control light and sound in your bedroom, but make temperature control more efficient as well.

Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

When choosing window treatments for the bathroom, it is important to keep in mind that this is the most humid room in the house. Whatever material you choose to use needs to be resistant to those conditions.

  • Cellular shades and faux wood blinds offer privacy, style, and water resistance, and are easy to clean.
  • Aluminum blinds are sturdy, offering a long life with little damage done by the bathroom’s high moisture point.
  • Roller shades are an excellent choice for the bathroom as they are available in many moisture resistant and durable materials, with a large variety of patterns, colors and styles to suite any décor.

Dining Room Window Treatment Ideas

The dining room is often an auxiliary of the kitchen, but may not necessarily have the same theme or décor. Maximum control of the amount of light and privacy desired is the second most important consideration after style. During daytime use, you might want to let in the sunlight, and in the evening, maximize privacy. Anything goes in the dining room, depending on your desired style and type of windows.

Living Room Window Treatment Ideas

The living room is the true heart of any home, the place where most families spend the most time both together and entertaining others. As a high traffic area, window treatments need to be decorative, sturdy, and reflective of what you require in light and privacy control. Living rooms are also a popular location for solar shades, which keep the room cooler on hot days without driving up energy bills, while also protecting your family from UV rays.

  • Living rooms are a popular location for the classic panels & valance, creating a fashionable frame around the world outside. For extra control over light and privacy, sheers can be placed behind the panels to be drawn back and forth as needed.
  • Wood or bamboo window treatments are often popular in living rooms. Almost any type of covering is manufactured in real wood or materials that look like wood, such as panel track blinds, solar shades, and roman shades, so whatever your light, privacy and style needs, you can coordinate the windows with wood décor.

Sunroom or Enclosed Porch Treatment Ideas

For those lucky enough to have an area enclosed entirely in glass, window treatments can be as much of a challenge as the room itself is a blessing. It also provides an opportunity to integrate some truly unique window styles into your home.

  • UV Shades are once again a top alternative for this area, especially in a sun room, which can become very hot during the day. Vertical or standard cell shades are manufactured for this purpose.
  • Sheer blinds are ideal for a sunroom, as they offer some shade during the high sun at midday while not blocking it out entirely.

If your sun room has French doors, almost any shade can be used, as long as you keep in mind the hardware on the door and the slim line needed to operate them.

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