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Replacement Windows in Newton MA Villages

Newton is made up of 13 villages and King has installed replacement windows in all of them. Newton villages are like a small towns; each with their own centers and all with their own distinctive ambiance. From the energy of Newton Center to the stately homes of West Newton Hill, this diverse community’s population ranks it as the 11th largest Massachusetts city. In addition, it is consistently ranked among the best places to live, with an excellent educational system, extensive mass, economic opportunity and an endless variety of housing.

While we have always served all of Newton’s 13 villages with replacement windows, storm windows, storm doors and window treatments, recent years have brought us greatly increased numbers of customers in Newtonville, Auburndale, Waban and West Newton. King Shade and Window is less than 20 minutes away from anywhere in Newton! This allows us to provide window treatments and replacement windows all over town. We take a lot of pride in distributing only the best quality products available on the market.

All of our products carry a full manufacturer’s warranty as well as our own full installation warranty.
Our motto is “You call, we come, we fix!” – and we won’t be satisfied until we surpass your expectations.

George Dennis, President/Owner
King Shade & Window
Newton Window Replacement Professionals, Since 1948

Quality of our Replacement Windows:

When looking for replacement windows, many customers do preliminary online or showroom research regarding brands, styles and qualities of products available to them. Others begin by asking for quotations before exploring and comparing products.

Whether you’re an informed consumer or one who is just beginning to learn about your options, we’re here to help guide you through your choices in the marketplace and show you what to look for when buying windows.

For example, did you know that U-factor is the measure that indicates how much heat is transferring from the entire window (glass + frame)? The lower the number, the better! U-Factor ranges from 0.15 to 1.20, but if you live in a cold climate area (like Newton during the fall and winter), then you want to shoot for a u-factor no higher than 0.30.
Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) measures how much of the sunlight that hits your windows actually enters your house. This coefficient ranges from 0 to 1, with a higher number indicating that more heat will get through. In colder areas like New England, look for a coefficient higher than 0.35. This will allow the sun to contribute warmth to your home during the freezing winter.

At King Shade and Window, all of our replacement windows are Energy Star ® certified for the Northeastern portion of the U.S., with a U-Factor lower than 0.30 and an SHGC higher than 0.35. Now that you have the most efficient windows, be sure to pick out one of our stylish window treatments to help insulate your windows even more.

How much do you know about window quality?

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free online, verbal or on-site estimate for replacement windows or Window Treatments.

Our Newton Window Replacement Advantage:

  • Prevent the cold weather from entering your house during winter.
  • Let the sunshine into your house on those cold winter days in Newton.
  • All our replacement windows are Energy Star qualified!
  • Our window Treatments help keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

If you’re a Newton home or business owner, Contact Us today to get a free estimate for Newton replacement windows installation.

Other Towns We Service for Replacement Windows in Massachusetts:

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